What is cover tape for carrier tape?

Semiconductors, electronic parts, and precision parts packed in
embossed carrier tape are sealed by thermocompression.
After sealing, it is transported to the mounting process together
with the embossed carrier tape and reel.


Cover tape for carrier tape product information


① Stable peeling strength
 ‣Can be used under a wide range of sealing temperature conditions.
 ‣There is little change in peeling strength over time.
② Visibility
 ‣We have products with excellent transparency that allow you to easily see the contents.
③ Multi-sealing
 ‣It has good sealing properties for different carrier tape base materials (PS, PC, PET, PVC).
④ Stable conductivity
 ‣It is possible to maintain conductivity even in a low-humidity environment.


Physical property data

You can see the detailed physical property data of the cover
tapes for carrier tapes handled by YAC Garter.
Please download it from the link below.

covertape data


Embossed carrier tape width Cover tape width
8mm 5.3 / 5.5 [mm]
12mm 9.3 / 9.5 [mm]
16mm 13.5 [mm]
24mm 21.5 [mm]
32mm 25.5 [mm]
44mm 37.5 [mm]
56mm 49.5 [mm]
72mm 66.5 [mm]

Sizes not listed above are also available.
If you can't find the size you want, please feel free to contact us.

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