YAC Garter taping handler

YAC Garter taping machine

We have built most of the equipment we use by ourselves. At the same time as manufacturing carrier tapes, we also develop and sell taping handler that wrap electronic components on tapes, and provide taping machines that meet a wide variety of customer needs. We can also propose inspection functions and auto-reject functions.


Features of taping handler

①Various supply methods

YAC Garter's taping machines use various supply methods, and we can provide various supply methods such as parts feeders, tubes, and trays.

② Inspection functions

It is possible to add an inspection function to the taping machine of YAC Garter.
As for the inspection method, we propose inspection functions such as visual inspection,
electrical inspection, optical inspection, etc. that meet the customer's request.

③Auto-reject function

YAC Garter's taping machines are equipped with in-tape image inspection,
which can automatically eject defective products and replace devices automatically.

Video of taping handler


Taping handler lineup

High-speed taping machine NCT-2800 series

High-speed taping handler
NCT-2800 series

It is a taping handler that aims to handle
packaging at high speed.

Multi-function taping machine NCT-5100 series

taping handler
NCT-5100 series

It is a taping handler that can reduce
human intervention as much as possible
for the purpose of full automation.

Reel supply taping machine NCT-8000 series

Reel taping handler
NCT-8000 series

It is a taping handler for the purpose of inspection again after packaging.


Tray taping handler
NCT-6300T serise

It is a structured device that can add image inspection, electrical inspection, and optical system inspection.


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