YAC Garter  device  Classification handler


It is a device that performs supply method /  measurement method(optical / electrical  characteristic inspection)according to customer's
request from various supply methods and
automatically sorts into each storage  box according
to rank.

Features of the device classification handler

①Variety of supply methods

YAC Garter's classification equipment uses a variety of supply methods,
and we can provide a variety of supply methods such as parts feeders, tubes, and trays. 


②Probing method inspection

Probing method : side surface top surface bottom
Inspection method : visual inspection,
electrical inspection,optical inspection


③Various probe methods

With NCS-3100, TOP View LED and Side View LED
can be shared by exchanging dedicated parts. 

Video of device classification handler


Device classification handler lineup

分類装置 NCS-3100シリーズ

Device classification
NCS-3100 series

It is a general-purpose
device classification handler
that can  be used for
multiple purposes.  

小型電子部品裏面コタクト専用分類装置 NCS-3201シリーズ

Device classification
NCS-4100 series

It is a device classification handler
mainly for the exclusive use of
small device  backside  probe.


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