We perform supply method / measurement method
(optical / electrical characteristic inspection)
that meets the customer's request from various
supply methods.
It is a device that automatically sorts each storage box
according to rank. 

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Basic specifications

Applicable device Various chip parts (1.0×0.5~8.0×8.0[mm])
Parts supply Parts feeder
Measurement stage 1 stage
Option 2 OR 3 stage
Measurement contact
Side, back, top contacts
Cycle time Fastest 0.16 [seconds / piece]
(measurement time 90 msec included) 
Number of classifications 128 / 256 / 512 classifications
Power supply Single-phase AC200 [V], AC220 [V] AC230 [V]    50/60 [Hz]
(transformer tap changer)
External dimensions W1,165×H1,620×D891/1620[mm]
Touch screen
Supports  languages
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
※   Equipment specifications and processing capacity vary depending on the size and shape of parts, measurement time,
      number of measurement items, etc., so we will make a decision after consultation.
※  The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the actual color may differ due to shooting
    and printing.

Device classification handler lineup

Device classfication
NCS-4100 series 

It is a device classification handler
mainly for exclusive use of
small devices  backside probe.


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