YAC Garter measuring instrument


We specialize in measuring instruments that inspect
light receiving elements (Phot Diode, etc.)
and light emitting elements (LED, LD, etc.).
We can propose a system that is combined with
an automatic machine that was considered from
the measuring instrument. 

Features of Tester

発光素子 受光素子 測定に関した豊富な経験

Abundant experience in measuring
light emitting elements and light
receiving elements

We can propose abundant measurement methods for
light emitting elements and light receiving elements
such as LD, LED, and PD. 

Appearance image inspection born from a unique algorithm

It is possible to perform image inspection in a range that cannot be inspected with
commercial products.
We can make proposals that meet various needs, including our own algorithms and lighting.

Tester &  Image inspection equipment lineup

LEDテスタ LX47シリーズ

LED tester
LX47 series

In addition to the unique measurement
of LED devices, optical measurement
in the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet
regions is possible.

LDテスタ LX72シリーズ

LD tester
LX72 series

Including the unique measurement of
LD device
FFP measurement NFP measurement
Pulse measurement
Optical measurements are also available.。


Image inspection equipment

We are involved in IR (infrared
spectroscopy) inspection systems,
including appearance.


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