Three models are available depending on the current
and voltage specifications.
▼LX4750 3A-100V
▼LX4740 1A-30V
▼LX4730 0.35A-30V

Features of LX47 series

①Wide range of measurements

Optical measurement a wide range of measurements from ultraviolet tofar infrared is possible.
Achieved the fastest test time ※1 in the industry.
Contact probe monitoring※2 can be performed even during measurement.

※1     According to our research
※2  Cannot be determined for single contact

(Power limit)
LX4740 LX4730
Current 1.0000uA~10.000A
(MAX 3.0000A)
1.0000uA~1.0000A 1.0000uA~1.0000A
(MAX 0.3500A)
Voltage 5.0000V~100.00V 5.0000V~30.000V 5.0000V~30.000V

②Very fast test time

We perform classification measurement with a very fast test time.
Demonstrates excellent performance in automated test systems on LED production lines. 


Even characteristic tests, which are time-consuming in normal tests, are measured at high speed.
TOTAL TEST TIME is an actual measurement value
Measurement content example
Each item setting TEST TIME 1ms ~ 3ms
IR (leak measurement) -5V applied TEST TIME 2ms or less
VF (small current) + 0.1uA applied TEST TIME 2ms or less 

③Wide range of optical options

We offer a variety of inspection tools including optical systems such as spectrometer,
light Value sensor, FFP inspection, etc.


Tester &  Image inspection equipment lineup

LD tester
LX72 series

We also have optical measurements
such as unique measurement of LD
device, FFP measurement, NFP
measurement, and Pulse measurement.


Image inspection equipment

We are involved in IR(infrared
spectroscopy) inspection systems,
including appearance.


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