Image inspection equipment system

We select image processing equipment, including lighting, and provide GUI solutions tailored
to image processing, control, and requests.
In addition to image processing, we also support the construction of automatic systems
embedded in the equipment.

Examples of actual cases

Near-infrared image inspection


It is possible to inspect metal wiring and die bonding inside
semiconductor devices such as silicon wafers, chips, MEMS,
and CSP. 

【Target material】
Si (silicon) , GaAs (gallium arsenide) ,  ceramic

近赤外 写真画像.png 

Product Videos

Tester &  Image inspection equipment lineup

LD tester
LX72 series

Including the unique measurement of
LD device
FFP measurement NFP measurement Pulse measurement
Optical measurements are also available.

LED tester
LX47 series

In addition to the unique measurement
of LED devices, optical measurement in
the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet
regions is possible.


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