■Since it can be adjusted manually without
   using tools, it is possible to handle a wide
   variety of COB type LED.

■ Supports COB type LED with a size of
    10×10~35×35[mm](45×35mm is also available)

■High-speed and highly accurate measurement
■Automatic classification function
   MAX10 classification

Product videos

Highly accurate measurement

The COB manual measurement system realizes highly accurate measurement even manually.
Click here * for details on measurement.
* Connection with LX47 series is possible.

Adjustable without tools

The probe card can be easily replaced manually.
In addition, the width of the transport guide can be adjusted freely, making it possible to flexibly switch between a wide variety of products.

Basic specifications

Applicable parts COB type LED
10×10 to 35×35[mm]  *45×35mm is also available.
Measurement stage 1 stage
Measuring contact method Top contact
MAX10 classification MAX10 classification
Power supply Single-phase AC90-110 [V]  47-63 [Hz]
External dimensions W962×H330×D880[mm] 
*Not including the integrating sphere
* Equipment specifications and processing capacity vary depending on the size and shape of parts,measurement time,
   number of measurement items, etc., so we will make a decision after consultation.
* The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only.
   Please note that the actual color may differ due to shooting and printing.

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