YAC Garter's automatic machine business

We have built most of the equipment used in the carrier tape business by ourselves.
The know-how gained through this process in corporates a wealth of ideas for improving work efficiency.
"This know-how is the product that customers want" based on this conviction, in addition to manufacturing carrier tapes, we are also developing, manufacturing and selling 【Taping handler】hat wrap electronic components in embossed tapes and 【Sorting
handler】that are inspected and sorted.


Features of YAC Garter's automated machine business

We manufacture and sell semiconductor classification equipment, taping equipment, chip sorters (die sorters),
measuring instruments (testers), image processing systems, etc., 
which have strengths in high-speed handling technology
and ultra-thin products.

Ultra-small ultra-thin high-speed handling technology

①Ultra-small ultra-thin high-speed
 handling technology

We have high-speed handling technology that can handle ultra-small and ultra-thin
products based on the know-how we have acquired through our past achievements.
In addition, we provide total support from development, design, manufacturing, and
maintenance, and contribute to solving customers' problems.

One-stop solution

②One-stop solution

Not only semiconductor system development, design, manufacturing and
maintenance, but also user custom, we can flexibly respond to various needs of
our customers with a consistent one-stop solution.

③Expanding network security support

In addition to normal support, we also dispatch engineers from overseas bases and provide remote AR support
and remote maintenance to create a system that customers can always use with peace of mind.

Video gallery

Products handled

Taping machine

Taping handler

A taping handler that wraps  electronic components
at high speed.

Sorting machine

Device classification handler

A device classification handler  that inspects and
sorts electronic components at high speed.

Wafer loader taping machine

Wafer sheet handler

It is a wafer ring loading handler  for high-speed
inspection, sorting, and packaging of extremely
small  electronic components by supplying wafer rings.


A measuring instrument that inspects electronic
components at high speed.
チップ部品用簡易テーピング装置 NCT-280

Semi-auto taping handler

A hand insertion machine for embossed carrier tape with excellent cost performance.


COB type LED
manual measurement system

It is a device that measures and classifies COB parts by manual insertion.


Special Automated handler

A special custom-made machine that meets the various needs of our customers.


For document requests and inquiries, please contact us using the email form below or by phone.


For document requests and inquiries, please contact us using the email form below or by phone.

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