Are you wondering whether to introduce an automatic machine
or a manual machine?


Many customers may be wondering whether to introduce an automatic machine or a manual machine.
You may think that it is difficult to judge which equipment is suitable for your own production line based only on
product information on catalogs and websites.
Then, we will pick up items that are often compared and examined between automatic machines and manual machines,
and explain the points for each.
If you are considering introducing the equipment, please refer to it.


Comparing automatic machines and manual machines in 4 points

We have picked up four points that are often compared and examined
between automatic machines and manual machines.
Check the items that match your needs and check the results.


①Production efficiency

Automatic machines

The automatic machine, which was designed based on
the accumulated know-how, has achieved stable operation
by improving pick-up accuracy, and has improved the processing
capacity for taping a large number of devices.
And by limiting the variety, it is possible to increase production

* We also offer equipment that can handle a wide variety of products.

Manual machines

Since the supply method is manual insertion, it is suitable
for small quantity taping.
In addition, since the tape width can be easily adjusted,
it's suitable for taping a wide variety of products.



Automatic machines

Auto-reject function that replaces NG devices with other good
workpieces before sealing.
We are striving to further reduce manpower with an auto reel changer
that can automatically change the reel on which the product is wound.
In addition, in order to reduce labor costs in the supply process,
it is possible to install a hopper* (for parts feeder) or design to allow multiple sheets to be set (sheet/tray supply).

* Automatic workpiece feeder to parts feeder

Manual machines

Since there is no transport function or inspection function,
it can be introduced at a reasonable price.
In addition, since the operation procedure is simple,
even people who are new to taping work or who are inexperienced
can use it without problems, reducing "unreasonableness, wastefulness, and unevenness" and realizing efficiency in device.


③Human error

Automatic machines

A useful barcode system to prevent discharging of wrong input and mis-setting to target device.
To read each inspection setting in indexing unit(visual, electrical and
optical inspection).
User friendly design to prevent mis-installing of conversion kit for
each target device.

Manual machines

Human error may occur due to manual equipment
(supply is manually inserted).
Therefore, human error can be prevented by adding visual inspection*
as an option.

* Judge the orientation and front/back of the workpiece before sealing.



Automatic machines

Optional traceability function can be added.
By collecting and managing work information
in the manufacturiproduction.
We will improve the efficiency of your production, work and quality.

Manual machines

The supply method is manual insertion,
so traceability is not supported.


Which ☑ did you choose more, automatic machine or manual machine?

💡Summary of points of automatic machine💡

Low-variety, high-volume production

Want to reduce manpower

Design and inspection functions to reduce human error

Need traceability

For customers who have many items that apply to the above,
we recommend an automatic machine (taping machine).
Since there are differences in the functions installed depending
on the device, please see each device from the link below.
If there is no equipment that meets the customer's needs,
we will propose a special machine. In that case,
please feel free to contact us using the form.

💡Summary of points for manual machines💡

High-mix low-volume production

Want to keep installation costs down

Option to reduce human error

No traceability required

For customers who have many items that apply to the above,
we recommended manual taping machines.
We will listen to the customer's request, and depending on the content,
we may recommend an automatic machine.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns
after confirming the product details of the manual machine.


Which ☑ did you choose more, automatic machine or manual machine?
We hope that it will be helpful for you to select the equipment.
If you would like to know more detailed information, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
We will propose the most suitable equipment for your manufacturing site.

We also have automatic machines other than taping handler

Sorting machine

Device classification handler

A device classification handler  that inspects and
sorts electronic components at high speed.

Wafer loader taping machine

Wafer sheet handler

It is a wafer ring loading handler  for high-speed
inspection, sorting, and packaging of extremely
small  electronic components by supplying wafer rings.



A measuring instrument that inspects electronic
components at high speed.


COB type LED
manual measurement system

It is a device that measures and classifies COB parts
by manual insertion.


Special Automated handler

A special custom-made machine that meets
the various needs of our customers.



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