YAC Garter Wafer sheet handler


For Ultra-small and ultra-thin electronic components
at high speed  wafer ring based equipment with the
development concept of four damageless
(supply, transportation, inspection, and storage).

Features of Wafer sheet handler

①Device supply by dicing ring

In the Wafer ring supply, the device attached to the 8-inch and 12-inch dicing rings will be picked

②Support for ultra-small and ultra-thin devices

Device shape We can handle up to 0402 products. 


③Various device lineup

●Transfer function (Die Sorter) NST-610 series
●Taping device with various inspection functions
                                                NCT-6300R series
●Element (Die) visual inspection device
                                                 NVI-211 series
●Die mapping sorter WS-12S series

Video of wafer sheet handler


Wafer sheet handler lineup

移載機能ダイソータNST- 610シリーズ

Transfer function
die Sorter
NST-610 series


Wafer ring taping handler
NCT-6300R series

ウェーハ素子外観検査装置 NVI-211シリーズ

 Wafer element visual
inspection equipment
NVI-211 series

Die mapping sorter WS-12S series

Die mapping sorter
WS-12S series


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