YAC Garter Wafer ring loading handler


For Ultra-small and ultra-thin electronic components
at high speed  wafer ring based equipment with the
development concept of four damageless
(supply, transportation, inspection, and storage).

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Features of Wafer ring loading handler

Device supply by dicing ring

In the Wafer ring supply,
the device attached to the 8-inch and 12-inch dicing rings will be picked up.

Support for ultra-small and ultra-thin devices

Device shape We can handle up to 0402 products. 


Various device lineup

Transfer function ( Die Sorter)
                                                NST-610 series
Taping device with various inspection functions
                                                NCT-6300R series
Element (die) visual inspection device
                                                 NVI-211 series

Wafer ring loading system equipment lineup

移載機能ダイソータNST- 610シリーズ

Transfer function
die Sorter
NST-610 series

It is a sorting handler that transfers the device attached to the sheet to another sheet for each rank based on the MAP information.


High-speed wafer ring
supply taping handler
NCT-6300R seriese

It is a structured device that can add image inspection, electrical inspection, and optical system inspection.

ウェーハ素子外観検査装置 NVI-211シリーズ

 Wafer element visual
inspection equipment
NVI-211 series

It is a device that can perform visual inspection on the device on the sheet attached to the dicing ring.

Carrier tape business

As a pioneer of embossed carrier tape, we provide the industry's highest level products with quality, management system, in-house mold manufacturing technology, original molding method, and in-house molding machine cultivated over a long history.

Carrier tape business

Automatic machine business

With the manufacture of carrier tape "Taping machine" that wraps electronic parts in embossed tape, We also develop, manufacture, and sell "Sorting machines" that sort semiconductors by rank.

Automatic machine business


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