WS-12S is a fully automatic IC die sorter.
The vertical, parallel wafer ring and storage ring
design (patented) leads the industry in sorting speed.


Feature of WS-12S series


12” / 8” wafers can be handled on both the supply side and the storage side.
By making the wafer ring vertical, it is less affected by dust and dirt, making it possible to pick up in the shortest distance and improving processing capacity.

Basic specifications

Target products Various chip parts
Device or chip size □0.2~12[mm] Thickness 0.1~0.8 [mm]
Cycle time 0.18 [seconds/piece]
Supply wafer frame 12″ DISCO DTF-12-1 (8″ DISCO DTF-8-1 is optional)
Number of classifications 1 BIN cassette: 13 BIN frame storage/cassette *Maximum 13 BIN
Power source Single-phase AC200 [V] / 10A
External dimensions W1,330 x H2,100 x D1,260 [mm] Weight 1,400 kg
* Equipment specifications and processing capacity vary depending on the size and shape of parts, measurement time,
   number of measurement items, etc., so we will make a decision after consultation.
* The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. 
   Please note that the actual color may differ due to shooting and printing.

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