A device that inspects, sorts, and packages extremely small devices at high speed by supplying wafer rings. 

Features of wafer ring taping handler NCT-6300R


Adopte a method to reduce damage to the device

【4 damageless and device friendly】
 ・PICK UP function
 ・In-index transfer function
 ・Non-contact centering function
 ・Carrier tape storage function

 It is a device that can be linked with the previous
process information by providing a MAP scan

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Basic specifications

Applicable device Various chip device(minimum 0402 size)
Embossed carrier tape width 8.0 , 12.0 [mm]
Reel diameter Supply side maximum φ700 [mm] Winding side φ330 [mm]
Parts supply Wafer ring (maximum 8 inches)
Cycle time Fastest 60msec / Piece best condition
Power supply Single-phase AC200 [V], AC220 [V] AC230 [V]
50/60 [Hz](transformer tap changer) 
External dimensions W1,800×H1,970×D1,175 [mm]
Option ・ Visual inspection function
・ In-tape image inspection function
・ Electrical characteristics function
・ Classification function (up to 10 classifications)
・ SUB INDEX function
・ Auto-reject function
・ Variable supply function
* Equipment specifications and processing capacity vary depending on the size and shape of parts, measurement time,
   number of measurement items, etc., so we will make a decision after consultation.
* The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only.
   Please note that the actual color may differ due to shooting and printing.

Wafer sheet handler lineup

移載機能ダイソータNST- 610シリーズ

Transfer function
die Sorter
NST-610 series

ウェーハ素子外観検査装置 NVI-211シリーズ

 Wafer element visual
inspection equipment
NVI-211 series

Die mapping sorter WS-12S series

Die mapping sorter
WS-12S series


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