A device that inspects, sorts, and packages extremely small devices at high speed by supplying trays.

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Features of
tray supply taping handler NCT-6300T

We have adopted a method to reduce damage to the device.
It is a device that can be linked with the previous
process information by providing a MAP scan function.

4 damageless and device friendly
① PICK UP function
② In-index transfer function
③ Non-contact centering function
④ Carrier tape storage function

It can be changed to a multifunctional machine.
Multiple functions with optional image function
and electrical measurement function, various changes.

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Basic specifications

Applicable device Various chip device(minimum 0402 size)
Embossed carrier tape width 8.0 , 12.0 [mm]
Reel diameter Supply side maximum φ700 [mm] Winding side φ330 [mm]
Parts supply Tray
Cycle time Fastest 60msec / Piece best condition
Power supply Single-phase AC200 [V], AC220 [V] AC230 [V]
50/60 [Hz](transformer tap changer) 
External dimensions W1,800×H1,970×D1,175 [mm]
Option ・ Visual inspection function
・ In-tape image inspection function
・ Electrical characteristics function
・ Classification function (up to 10 classifications)
・ SUB INDEX function
・ Auto-reject function
・ Variable supply function

* Equipment specifications and processing capacity vary depending on the size and shape of parts, measurement time,
   number of measurement items, etc., so we will make a decision after consultation.
* The photos shown are for illustrative purposes only.
   Please note that the actual color may differ due to shooting and printing.

Taping handler lineup

High-speed taping machine NCT-2800 series

taping handler
NCT-2800 series

It is a taping handler that aims to handle
packaging at high speed.

Multi-function taping machine NCT-5100 series

taping handler
NCT-5100 series

It is a taping handler that can reduce
human intervention as much as possible
for the purpose of full automation.

Reel supply taping machine NCT-8000 series

Reel supply
taping handler
NCT-8000 series

It is a taping handler for the purpose of inspection again after packaging.

Carrier tape business

As a pioneer of embossed carrier tape, we provide the industry's highest level products with quality, management system, in-house mold manufacturing technology, original molding method, and in-house molding machine cultivated over a long history.

Carrier tape business

Automatic machine business

With the manufacture of carrier tape "Taping machine" that wraps electronic parts in embossed tape, We also develop, manufacture, and sell "Sorting machines" that sort semiconductors by rank.

Automatic machine business


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